Promotional Items

Promotional Items

At Plaid Lab Creative we create custom promotional items to help increase your brand awareness. We can place your business logo on almost any item, including wearable items, eco-friendly products, and office supplies.  Access our full Promotional Item Catalog here.

Purchasing promotional items can benefit your company in many ways, including increasing sales, attracting new customers, and improving brand recognition. Before purchasing these items, you will want to create a strategy surrounding a promotional campaign in order to make the most of your resources.

Promotional products are affordable items used to develop customer and client interest in your brand. They enable you to reach large numbers of people and gain wide exposure for your business for a relatively small investment. Some items cost less than $1.00 each, meaning you do not have to spend a lot or sacrifice quality.

These products are powerful marketing tools that have advantages over other types of advertising. With promotional products, customers or clients receive items they can use at work or in their daily lives. When you provide useful products, you increase your brand recognition as customers or clients begin to associate this item with your company. Choosing promotional products specific to your business or field of expertise allows your company to target customers more effectively.

Promotional items are useful products such as pens and mugs that clients can keep and use for a long time. If they can’t use the items, they will pass them along to friends and family who might find them useful, allowing the reach of your brand to grow. As people use these products, they will begin to associate your company with them.

Promotional items can be created for specific events. If you are hosting an event that you want to promote or a cause that you want people to remember, then promotional products are an effective method to do that. You match the promotional item to your business or event, and we will provide a quality product that meet your needs.

Promotional products are also used to reward client loyalty  and also retain current customers. These items are used to build relationships with customers, which could lead to them recommending your business to others. Promotional items can be used to reward loyal customers to thank them for their continued business. This helps strengthen existing relationships. It is much easier to keep existing customers or clients than to attract new ones. Giving existing customers tangible items to associate with your brand will increase brand loyalty.

Promotional products lead to increased sales by making a lasting impression on customers and clients. It is important to include a call to action on all products such as a website address or phone number. Customers and clients are likely to follow up with this information when they have it right in front of them on a useful promotional item. Promotional products should add value and benefit to the customers’ lives. When used correctly, promotional products are a great way to reach customers.

Do you need a logo or branding package to apply to your upcoming promotional product campaign? Plaid Lab is able to assist clients with these needs with our professional Graphic & Web Design Services.